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We're sorry, but we can no longer accept e-mail directly from this site.

The deluge of automatically-generated spam e-mailings makes it impossible for us to help our readers who want to ask questions or contribute information and suggestions. If you'd like to reach us, though, it's really pretty easy... and you'll get introduced to another really good source of American whiskey information as part of the bargain.

In order to leave email for us, all you need to do is click here:

  to go to the BourbonEnthusiast.com website

where you'll find us (perhaps not so surprisingly)
as  EllenJ

You will need to register as a member there in order to contact us, but you then get a connection to many other sources of good information about American whiskey subjects. There is no charge for membership, and you don't wind up on anyone's mailing list.

And although we really do enjoy sharing information with our readers and we want to be as helpful as we can, please understand that