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This collection of photos is filed in the Hughes collection as,
"Monumental Distillery Co. - accident scene, Lansdowne MD. 11/16/1942".
We were unable to find more information about the "accident", but this photograph
clearly shows some damage. The tube lying across the crushed delivery truck looks
like a smokestack, similar to the tall one standing in the background. Perhaps it was
originally part of the second stack, now shorter, and fell across the truck.

The incident probably occurred no earlier than October or November of 1942, as
the photos appear to have been taken to provide a record of the damages. What we
see doesn't appear to be very extensive, and the accident may not even have been a
factor, but the name of the site was changed from Monumental Distillers to Majestic
Distilling Co. within the following 50 days. According to Maryland state archives, the
"resident agent" for the Majestic Distilling Corporation was changed at that time, but
not ownership, which continued to be The Corporation Trust Corporation. Majestic's
own official history places 1943 as the year it was founded by Zellic Cohen, and no
mention is made of the plant's former identity or history. It would be interesting to
know whether Cohen had any relationship to Monumental Distillers Co. before 1943.



Photographs of Monumental Distillery are from the Hughes studio photograph collection - Box 5; Folder 152
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