This series of blog articles began with Cowdery's investigation
into some of the production and distribution problems that
resulted in product shortages during the late 1990s and early in
this century. In so doing, he has also delved deeper into the
tangled history (both real and make-believe) of this fine distillery
and the one-time beverage company whose name it bears than
just about anyone else ever has.

Cowdery's treatment of George Dickel/Cascade may read like a bitter exposť to those
looking for such tales but, like ourselves, he holds a great respect for the whisky itself
and for the people who actually produce it. And he understands the value of a good
old-fashioned story in creating a brand identification. On the other hand, his tolerance
for completely fabricated myths passed off as real history is not really a characteristic
one would normally apply to Chuck.

It should be understood that what Cowdery has to say here is not limited to Cascade,
or George Dickel, Schenley, United Distillers, or Diageo; there is much that is typical of
distilled beverage producers in general. And in his explorations of the original Dickels,
Shwabs, and other families whose lives revolved around this particular distillery, it is
easy to understand why honest information is so difficult to obtain.

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This first one's out of sequence, but if you're only going to look
at one of Cowdery's articles, this is the one you want to read.
March 23, 2008

The Lost Dickel Partner

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