American Whiskey
Rye Distilleries of Eastern Pennsylvania & Maryland

May 2, 2003
Luther G. King's Distillery
Clarksburg, Maryland

Copper peeking through the underbrush


ACCORDING TO JOURNALIST James Bready, writing for the Maryland Historical Society Magazine in 1990, among the more prominent western Maryland distillers and distilleries was that of Luther G. King, at King’s Valley in Montgomery County.

Edward B. Mathews' "Counties of Maryland" Part V, Maryland Geological Survey, (1906) uses the then-familiar location of King’s distillery as a reference point in describing a land area. The document also refers to Price’s distillery, and we did indeed find Price’s Distillery Road in the area, following it until we came to a stream which we would have had to ford through two or three feet of water – and little low-slung sports cars such as ours don't like fording streams. Despite the road named in its honor, Price’s distillery doesn’t appear to have held the significance that King’s did.

King's Maryland Rye was popular in the latter part of the 19th century, but ceased operation in 1907.

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